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Both Health-Pro Realty Groups’ founder Charles Feitel, and marketing director Sherry Feitel, were born into healthcare families. Chuck’s father Morris Feitel, was a DC Metro area pediatrician, chairman of the medical staff at children’s hospital, and prior to retirement, developed and held the physician liaison position at Holy Cross Hospital. This position would eventually be implemented in the surrounding area hospital systems, and today is an integral part of their recruitment and physician relations departments. While Chucks’ father was busy with his practice, his wife Sherry Feitel’s mother, Olleen Follis, was working with pediatric dental residents at The University of Tennessee. These family ties would prove to be the catalyst for the creation of HPRG.

Chuck, began his career as a real estate attorney in Memphis, where he would meet his soon-to-be wife and business partner, Sherry. In 1993, after spending almost a decade working with landlords and tenants in a legal capacity, he had yet to find his passion in business but aspired to learn more about the industry he had spent so much time in. Much to the credit of his father, Chuck had an instilled desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives, and with the support of his wife, he decided to try his hand in commercial real estate brokerage.

Medical and Dental Practice Real Estate

At the time, real estate brokerage was broken into essentially three subcategories, retail, office and industrial. Attempting to find his “place” within the real estate community, he began to work with Medical Practices as the client base was a natural relationship for him. Being raised by a physician, he had an intimate understanding of the healthcare field, hospital systems and the day to day operations of independent practices. After only a few months, he began to notice the lack of support and expertise available to doctors and dentists pertaining to their office needs. Then a lightbulb went off, recalling what his father used to say, “just because I am a doctor of medicine, doesn’t mean I can perform brain surgery”, he wondered why real estate brokers did not apply that same logic. Knowing a market and how to complete a transaction was only half the battle when it came to Medical real estate, where was the “specialty”? It was this experience and thought process that sparked his passion for business and would be the true point of inception for HPRG.

It was quickly observed by brokers, landlords, and physicians alike, that Chuck had an innate understanding of the differing space needs in the medical field, physician referral patterns, hospital associations and most importantly, the everyday hurdles placed on doctors and their practices. By 1996, area agents were now referring him their physician clients as he had begun to separate himself from his counterparts as the go-to medical real estate broker, and so, HPRG was born.

Chuck has made it his life’s work to develop a firm with heart, one that not only understands real estate but truly grasps the needs of its medical clients, and has the same desire to make a positive impact on those we represent. It has become our internal mantra that; we may not understand medicine the way our clients do, but we strive to understand it and their needs better than anyone else in our business!
HPRG has become the premiere Medical Real Estate firm on the east coast, with a now national presence. We have assisted thousands of physicians, and hundreds of landlords in all facets of real estate and look forward to providing our expertise nationwide.

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