If you have two years or less left on your lease, we can save you life-changing money at no charge to you. We create leverage by positioning your lease with the landlord and gaining market terms on your behalf at no cost to you

Our model has saved our clients millions of dollars since 1996. We know the market. If you are overpaying we create leverage by challenging your current landlord to give you a MARKET deal! We know the market and know how low you can go. Not just the rent, but tenant improvement dollars, free rent, and annual escalation all are a part of this complex negotiation. Best of all the landlord will pay us to save you a lot of money. Strategically, we need 15-24 months to make this happen. Inside of 15 months, there is not enough time to leverage a good deal for you and with more than two years the landlord will not be willing to engage in a substantive conversation.