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HPRG has been assisting dentists with all of their commercial real estate needs for over 20 years in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area. Many dental brokerage firms claim to help buyers but in reality, they are the sellers’ agents. HPRG truly assists buyers and sellers to achieve their dreams. Moreover, many dental sales “fall apart” over the real estate component of the sale. HPRG has been in the business since 1996 and will ensure the lease or building sale is based on a “market” price to make sure the deal closes. Our complete knowledge of the local market will ensure the rent and other terms are truly “market” price, and/or if there is a sale of the real estate, the price is truly the market one.

In sum, the key factors of successfully locating a dental practice for sale in Washington DC or the DMV are:

  1. Dental Knowledge
  2. Valuation
  3. Real Estate
  4. Financing

Our Medical and Dental Practice Team will help facilitate an easy transaction

HPRG will make sure all of these key factors are completed. Our work ethic and professionalism are unsurpassed in the dental industry. In addition, unlike most other practice brokers we are an “anti-kickback” firm thus ensuring buyer and seller the best price for the practice. Other firms accept kickbacks from lenders and in turn pass those costs on to you the dentist.

The HPRG Dental Transitions Team is made up of experts with real-world experience and unique intellectual capital in each of the three essential pillars: VALUATION, OPERATIONS, AND REAL ESTATE

Practice owners considering transition will face a fragmented, inconsistent marketplace of resources. Providers of these resources are often seeking to sell the practice owners on another service. The HPRG Dental Transitions Team ins not here to sell you on another service. We are here to achieve your transition goals.

The HPRG Dental Transitions Team helps practice owners considering transitions by providing honest, unbiased, expert advice, in their interactions with customers and in the content they make available.

We present a simple six-prong transitions process:
1. team consultation
2. financials/profitability
3. operations/lease
4. valuation
5. sales and marketing


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