Start Your Own Medical Practice

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If you are a healthcare tenant thinking about leasing or buying an office, knowing where to start can be daunting. If you are starting an office from scratch, it can be that much more overwhelming. We take into account all the important elements of what it takes to have a successful practice. From zoning to parking, restrictive covenants and exclusivities, our in-depth market knowledge and expertise ensure you see the entire picture before you sign the dotted line.

No brokerage company has assisted more medical, optometry and dental start-ups than HPRG. Demographics, site selection, and negotiation are all included at no charge as part of our services. Our unique understanding of the medical landscape combined with local market knowledge anywhere in the country makes us the most trusted lease negotiators in the business. Moreover, we help assemble the requisite team of professionals to get your office up and running. Lawyers, accountants, equipment reps, lenders, marketing, staffing, are all components which are paramount to any successful start-up.

HPRG is an anti-kickback firm. Our referrals rely strictly on client feedback and recent experiences. We have thrived on not participating in any form of “payments” or “gifts” for our referrals since our inception in 1996 and will continue to do so in the future. If you are interested in starting your own practice or need help with locating and negotiating your lease agreement or purchase agreement for your medical space click the button below.


Learn how to start your own medical or dental practice in the washington dc & maryland areas

Over the past decade, medical office redevelopments, acquisitions, and conversions have been some of the most active ventures in commercial real estate all across the country. With a growing demand from large medical groups to be in a referral network type environment surrounded by other physicians, as well as investors seeking out medical office opportunities for increased stability and profitability, it’s now more than ever when Landlord’s need brokers who can bridge the gap between physicians needs and having a well-balanced, multi Tenanted MOB. Understanding medical practice needs and having extensive experience in medical office Listings make HPRG the ideal listing broker for any healthcare project. Getting through to them is far more challenging and complex than competing for office Tenants. Knowing the right types of practices to target, when to target them, and how to get them to sign a lease is what makes us an exceptional medical office listing brokerage firm.