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Medical Real Estate Tenants

Health-Pro Realty Group provides specialized assistance to medical real estate tenants. Reach out to one of our agents to discuss how our services will benefit your practice.

If you are a healthcare tenant looking for space to lease or buy HPRG can make it happen. Our in-depth market knowledge and expertise ensures you receive a great real estate deal. With our 30 plus years of experience, we know all of the landlords and listing brokers. These relationships ensure you get a market deal. We make sure landlords will not take advantage of you. Rental rates, sales prices, and tenant improvement allowances are market-driven. Only brokers with local knowledge and significant experience can protect you.

Questions About Your Lease

If you have a lease we can help you with the lease renewal process. With significant time (12-18 months) we can leverage the landlord into achieving significant savings on the renewal. If the owner fears you might relocate, we can leverage your situation and lower your rent.

If you are purchasing a practice, we can evaluate the lease or sales price of the real estate. Again our vast experience makes sure you receive a market deal.

In our role as a tenant advocate, there is no cost to you. We receive a commission from the landlord. So basically let the landlord pay us to save you money. It’s that simple!

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